Laziness or just missing my running buddies?

Ah…a day off from work.  A time to sleep in, take care of errands, and run, right? I did great at the sleep in part since last night I went to Pasadena to hear my boyfriend’s band, Regal Beagle, perform at the Pub.  I loved hearing them since they don’t perform very often anymore, but it made for a longer day than I am accustomed to having.  Needless to say, I managed to stay in bed past my customary 5:30 wake-up time but it must not have been enough.  I took care of many top errands- scheduling and going to an optometrist appointment (they hooked me up with deal on eye exam plus contacts plus doc was awesome), mailing in my application for the Orange Curtain 100K (next weekend…eeeeek).

                                                                    Alan (BF) rockin’ out

But the third item, run, has not happened as I’ve fallen victim to laziness or sadness.  Since I feel I have to kick my training up a notch and can’t skip many runs, I feel pretty crappy for bailing on today’s trail run.  I spent this morning searching for an OC park with open trails (many are closed due to recent rains) and zoned in on Aliso and Wood Canyons and even mapped out a nice 10+ mile route.  I posted on RWOL and FB that I was going to run it but, after getting my eye exam, I suddenly felt very tired and unmotivated.  For weeks I had planned on running with Ryan (my SD 100 partner and instigator of all this craziness) and Billy, but Ryan was unable to come in from Hawaii and Billy’s foot is hurting.  I know I could go run alone today with a great new trail area to traverse, but the thought of running alone is unappealing after having it set in my mind that I’d be running with friends today.  Silly?  Maybe.  Or maybe it just shows how much running and friends go together for me.  I normally love the solitude of hitting the trails or roads alone and enjoy my quiet, alone time but today has been different.

I’ll do some yoga and maybe some weights later to make up for my lack of training today.  I still can’t believe I wasted a gorgeous southern California day by not taking advantage of the opportunity to spend time in nature, basking in the wonderful sunshine.  Sigh.  A day of training down the drain sucks but a day of realizing how much my friends mean to me is priceless.  It’s crazy to think that these are the people I met via a running discussion board not long ago, but yet they are friends who have shared in the ups and downs of my life over the past year and half.  Earlier in the week, I responded on RWOL to what I love to run and I listed the people I’ve met.  Well, today confirms how much that is true.  As I consider the crazy events I will be running during 2010, I look forward to the ones where my friends will be there more than any others.

Tomorrow I’m volunteering at the Twin Peaks 50/50 (1st time volunteering at a running event), so good luck to anyone participating in it or in any event this weekend.  Since I’m celebrating Chinese New Year this weekend, I also wish everyone happy new year!!!


3 responses to “Laziness or just missing my running buddies?

  1. If I can put my body back together… I'd like to join you on some of that trail action.

  2. You were up on the hill with Billy and Lori?I was down at the finish line. I now understand he lure of the ultra…..

  3. @Glenn- No. I was at the start/finish from 4:30 until 10:30am. I believe I was the shift before you.

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