Freedom Run at the Ranch 10K

As promised, I’m going to be doing some shorter races over the next year as Alan and I plan our wedding.  Today was the first one and we chose the Freedom Run at the Ranch (Ladera Ranch) 10K.  It was a small race, especially for the 10K field, and we had a blast.  We got there around 6:20am, wandered our way through the really cute neighborhood and found the start/finish and registration table.  A quick walk back to the car and back to the race put us there just in time.  I had been warned that it was two loops and that there was a long hill so we took it easy.  I loved that most of the race was shaded and that the 10K started early (7am) as it turned out to be a warm day.  The second loop I pushed Alan a little bit up the  hill because I wanted to pass some women and then we really picked up the pace for the last 0.8 to pass more people and finish in 52:xx.  We crossed the finish line holding hands; what more could a girl want?!


5 responses to “Freedom Run at the Ranch 10K

  1. fun! happy 4th to both of ya.

  2. Aw…congrats to you and Alan. As they say, a couple that runs together..

  3. Nice work and some great photos!

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