2012 craziness?!

While 2011 was not a fantastic personal running year, I had a blast running with Alan and seeing him PR on a challenging 1/2 marathon course. We wrapped up the year in Memphis and I logged some wonderful trail miles and learned about the booming Memphis running scene; I will definitely join Breakaway Running store’s runs next year. Alan and I did the Operation Jack satellite run to support OJ (autism charity) and I loved showing Alan the killer gorgeous paved path winding through the nature area behind our hotel.

2012 is guaranteed to be an amazing year since I am getting married this year. Running will continue to be a priority as I am very stressed with other family things and running helps me escape those worries for a few hours. Alan and I are gearing up for some races; he does not love long distances as much as I do so I’m eyeing some solo long races. I’m bouncing around a crazy idea of attempting a 100 miler in February; I’ve been lacking the motivation to do long runs and need a long distance race goal. I definitely question whether it would be wise to attempt that distance given my lack of high mileage so I’ll keep musing over the idea before signing up. Ultra craziness is a real thing!!!


2 responses to “2012 craziness?!

  1. Good luck, Rachel! You'd be surprised what one can do on low mileage 😉

    Enjoy this year and all the time leading up to the big day…it is SO MUCH FUN! Even with all the stress that comes with planning a wedding; so worth it 🙂

    Happy new year!

  2. Now that I seemed to have caught the bug again, maybe we'll pass (I'll be the low one huffing and puffing) on the local trails!

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