Kick in the butt

I realized I had to give myself a kick in the butt in order to get back on track for my 2012 and 2013 race goals.  My longest run since May was a 20 mile trail run at the beginning of June.  Some days I’ve been too busy and some days I have been too lazy; I let my “obligations” prevent my getting out the door and then heat becomes an excuse.  So, naturally I decided I have to do something to get myself ready for the Noble Cayon 50K that is less than 3 weeks away.  One of my runner friends posted on Facebook about a small, local trail marathon taking place this weekend.  To me, that sounded like a great way to prepare.  Naturally, I signed up and then thought about what I did.

I am no way prepared for a marathon, much less a potentially hilly one.  The weather forecast keeps looking better and better (imagine my voice dripping with sarcasm); the projected high when I signed up was upper 70s and now it’s upper 80s with heat index making it in the 90s.  I know I am up for a personal worst so I am planning on making the best of it.  I did a 10 miler on roads with my husband on Sunday and 13 miler (part trail/part road) on Monday; I’m going for a trail run on Saturday so the reasonable part of me will keep that one shortish.  Sunday shall be interesting…


4 responses to “Kick in the butt

  1. See ya Sunday. I'll be out there suffering with ya 🙂

  2. Sometimes that is the best way to get things going again. Just jump in for a tough one. All the best with your final preparations.

  3. Yay! I'm looking forward to your witty comments every time we see each other on the course.

  4. The heat has been really hard on me Rachel! I'm guessing you're running an Alewine race. If so, fun, fun! I can't wait to get back to one of his. He does a great job. You may have already run his races, but in case not, his regular marathons are limited to 25 people, and the one I ran, only SIX of the runners were doing the full marathon. That was a problem for me, because I'm not so quick. I was out there alone for a LONG time. Good thing Charlie is such a good sport. He let me finish. And even gave me a DFL trophy. If you're not running Alewine, disregard this note, but good luck nonetheless!!!

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