Playing it smart

I finally am learning from my mistakes…I think.  I wanted to stick to my schedule and nail out a nice, long trail run on Saturday but work intervened and made that impossible.  I could feel the lingering effects of plantar fasciitis (PF takes forever to get back under control) on Friday night and decided I would go for a short run Saturday before going to the “office.”  A half mile in, I turned around and decided my foot would be better off resting; I did some yoga and called it a day.  Sunday, I had hopes of a long run but felt a little creaking in the foot and was happy that I had plenty of work to do to keep my minds off of being on the trails; I hit the gym for weights (can’t recall the last time I did that) and did some yoga.  This has to be one of the first times I had an issue that I could run through where I instead chose to give my body rest.

I am working on my running form, strengthening my foot, foam rolling the knots out of my legs consistently, and adding strength training to my workout regime.  I am incorporating a little barefoot running into my routine (keeping it under half a mile and on grass for now) as it helps me work on good running form.  I hope all this “playing it smart” quickly becomes routine because I have a history of trying to do all these things and then forgetting about them and reverting to my old habits.


4 responses to “Playing it smart

  1. Always the wise choice to give the body some rest. Hope it all sorts out soon.

  2. Wisdom comes with experience. At least that's what I tell myself….

  3. You did the right thing. Good call!

  4. It is a pity that your work didn't let you ran but at least you are keeping working in other stuff and recovery is quite important to keep it up the pace.

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