5 Things I’m loving


Hi ya’ll!  It has been a fantastic week and I’m looking forward to the weekend!  As I think of all that I’m grateful for, I wanted to share 5 things that I’m loving now.
I bought mine after moving to Austin last year and it is amazing!!!  I actually took a checked piece of luggage on one of my longer work trips so that I could have it with me.  I got lazy about using it and my glute/hamstring is acting up…so now I’m back to spending time with it daily.  I have significant back and neck issues and it is painfully good at getting knots under control.
2. Massage balls
My husband’s coworker’s wife bought me these and I love it!  It is the perfect marriage of a lacrosse ball and a tennis ball.  It is fantastic for working on my hamstring (rolling under my leg while seated on a wooden chair) and glute (pressing it in my glute against a wall).
3.  Iced, cold brew coffee
I gave up coffee at the end of last year and, when I resumed drinking it, I was hooked on drinking cold brew coffee cold (even when it’s a “cold” Austin day).  I prefer Whole Foods and Chameleon Cold Brew since they are organic and the cold brew is less acidic.  I water mine down and add a splash of Whole Foods organic unsweetened soy milk— yummmy!  I found a huge container of Chameleon at Costco for a great deal– under $22 for 32 servings!
Post run coffee
These are fantastic when I’m craving chocolate– low in calories and fat and healthier than many other cookies.  
Their daily emails delivered before I wake are a fantastic way to start my morning.  I committed to getting in quiet time each morning and before I go to bed; it makes a difference in my mindset as I start my workdays.

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