Five Things I’m Loving Friday

This week has been crazy and I’m so happy it’s Friday!  Looking forward to relaxing tonight and this weekend made me think of some of my recent faves.

  • Blue bonnets blooming all around Austin

Apparently stopping along busy highways/roads to take pictures in fields of flowers is an Austin thing.  I could not resist taking part in that annual tradition!  It is so pretty to see the blue flowers in bloom.


  • Peach wine

This may be a TX thing since I never heard of it before we moved here; when it’s hot outside, a cold glass of peach wine is super refreshing.


  • Seeing the moon set and the sun rise over the trees as I start a run

While I miss the mountains and hilly trails I lived near in CA, I love the Austin hill country.


  • Knitting

I took a class a couple years ago and never made anything.  Around Christmas last year, I went on a knitting spree and made several scarves and beanies.  Last weekend I decided it was time to start making a blanket.


My progress after 1 day 


I’m almost done!!!

  • Sweet potato hash for dinner/brunch

We got exposed to potato hash for brunch at Pacha Cafe and 24 Diner and I am hooked on adapting their versions for healthy, easy brunches and dinners.  I love sweet potatoes, so this is another way to make them a main part of an easy, cheap meal.


Sweet potato hash with black beans, yellow peppers,  onions over a bed of spinach


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