Weekend Wrapup

Weekends fly by and I try and savor every moment.  This weekend was no exception as I avoiding packing/preparing to move and enjoyed the good weather.

Friday night I took advantage of my hubby getting home late from work to spend minimal time cooking (frozen veggie burger patty to the rescue!) and more time relaxing knitting and watching tv.  I worked a little later than normal for a Friday but ended the week feeling as caught up as possible–that makes for a better Monday morning!  These gluten-free, vegetarian burger patties by Don Lee Farms and purchased from Costco are super tasty served open face on a piece of wheat bread topped with loads of spinach and onion.


Saturday was date day and, after sleeping in until 8am, we ventured to Cedar Park to use our Groupon for the Texas Museum of Science and Technology.  It’s a very small, relatively new museum that plans for a permanent facility to be built by 2020; we wanted a show in the planetarium and enjoyed the hands on exhibits.  Since it was super cheap thanks to Groupon and we had fun, I consider it well worth the cost.  Thanks again Groupon for helping us explore the Austin area!


Near the entrance- I love pi!


Hubby playing with the theremin– he said only a nerd would get excited seeing a thermin (and know how to play it)

Any time we are in the northern Austin area, we make sure we are hungry so that we can eat at our favorite pizza place — Promise Pizza.  The one in Round Rock is better than the other one and we take advantage of their special of purchasing large pizzas and getting a free small one topping pizza.  I get the Nature’s Choice on wheat crust with spinach instead of olives and hubby gets the BBQ chicken and we get a free mushroom on wheat crust.  I love that they use organic ingredients and the pizza has just enough cheese to taste yummy but not to be greasy.


Nature’s Choice— so delish that I could not take time time for a good picture!

Hubby wanted a smoothie so we stopped by Whole Foods on our way home and that’s when I made a major mistake of getting a coffee drink at 4pm.  Sunday I was supposed to do the 2nd race in the Rogue Trail Series and that meant needing to wake up by 5am.  My hip and glute had been acting up all week and I already had my mind set on seeing if I could drop to the 10K instead of the 30K.  Thanks to the late coffee drink I never really fell asleep.  Since I did not feel comfortable driving to the middle of nowhere at 5am seeing if I could drop to the 10K, I decided to skip the race;  my glute was hurting and tossing and turning all night made me feel crappy so I decided a DNS (do nothing stupid) was my best bet; I suck at running on rocks when well rested and I had thoughts going through my head of what could happen with being sleep deprived and with glute discomfort.

We went to church at Lake Hills Church like we normally do on Sunday mornings and then I did an easy 10K on roads since my glute seemed better– tomorrow will show if I need to find a good sports massage therapist or if rolling around on my therapy ball is sufficient.  I took care of a few tasks for work and chilled on the patio for a lazy Sunday end to the weekend.

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