Moving while not running

I hope y’all are having a great week!  Despite all the craziness going on in mine, I’m having a great one.

Normally not running drives me crazy but I’m coping well right now.  A few weeks ago, I felt an issue in my hip similar to what sidelined me a few years ago; I immediately stopped running and found a place that specializes in treating runners – RunLab.  I continued cross-training (21 day Fix Extreme and PiYo workouts are now a staple) since it did not make me feel more pain.  I was impressed with Doctor Kim Davis and her staff.  She pinpointed things about my body’s structure that could be why I get injured frequently.  I’m now going 2x/week for soft tissue work and strengthening exercise.

Not running is overshadowed by being in the midst of buying our first home.  All the craziness associated with that plus recent travel to Memphis and LA have been great distractions from a forced break from running.


Seeing my nephew graduate made not running that weekend much easier!

We had to move out of our apartment the middle of this month and we are not scheduled to close on our house until May 31st.  I’m thankful it’s been rainy (yay for cooler temps and a full lake) but it’s making finishing the house hard for the builder.

So until our house is done, the majority of our belongings are in storage and the rest are with us in a vacation rental.  I totally lucked out finding a place right on the water for super cheap compared to a short-term apartment rental or a hotel.  Sitting on the patio overlooking the water is not a bad way to spend our evenings.  We are eager to move into our house but beyond thankful for having a place to stay where we have space for me to work, workout, lounge, cook, acclimate to living out in the country.



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