Exercising while traveling

Last year I traveled frequently with frequent work trips and personal trips to visit family.  This year, I am revisiting how exercise fits in with travel.

I typically run while traveling but I often skip yoga or other cross training.  Sticking to a plan is hard and I have never accomplished that– even when I thought I would.  One goal for this year is to include cross training when I travel for multiple days.

When I visit my family, I often run but cut back the mileage to spend more time with them or catch up on sleep!   When I was training for big races, I was better about sticking to a plan.  Now that I am not “racing,” I play it by ear.

During my last vacation, I was torn between working out and skipping my workouts.  By the end of the vacation, I enjoyed my time on the treadmill; I keep safety in mind when traveling and a treadmill was the safest and easiest way for me to get in my runs.  Since I overindulged in food and drinks, the runs made me feel less bloated.  I took advantage of the huge deck for getting in 10 minute power yoga sessions; I also took advantage of the daily free yoga classes.

When traveling for work, I hit the treadmill or do a HIT workout or similar in the hotel room.  It is hard to wake up at 5am to work out, especially if I travel to different time zones, but I feel much more relaxed and productive.

Do you skip working out while traveling or on vacation?  Do you stick to your normal routine?  Or do you work out if it fits in your schedule?


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