Loving our new house!

Last week we became homeowners!  Six months ago, my husband and I suffered a devastating loss and last week we opened a new chapter in our lives with the keys to our new home.  I thank God for getting us through the tough times and I am so grateful and thankful that we are blessed with the chance to be homeowners!

I realized that the date we closed on our house was exactly 8 years after the last time I heard my dad’s voice.  I know he would be very happy for us and I am grateful that my mom will be here in a few weeks to see the house.  We left CA in order to be in a better place financially and the lower cost of living here made buying a house (impossible in CA for us) possible here.

I am adjusting to living in a serene area and having to “drive into town” to grocery shop and run errands.  But it is worth it since I feel much more relaxed than I did living in the hustle and bustle of Orange County, CA.   Even the deer move at a slower pace and lounge in our yards.


I love seeing the “Bambis” running through the neighborhood!


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