Firecracker 5K Race Report – Surprise AG win!

This is a late post but it’s been a crazy week.  I hope you had a fantastic Independence Day weekend!  We spent last weekend doing more things around the house (ie. buying more stuff like a grill) and doing yardwork.  But we also enjoyed relaxing, watching “Finding Dory” and continuing our tradition of running a 4th of July race.

The race options here are more limited since the area is smaller than Orange County.  We chose the Lago Vista Firecracker 5K since it was on July 2nd and I needed a distraction from thinking of the significance of the date.

The drive there was about an hour and it was a good chance to see the other side of the lake and explore more of the area.  Parking was right along the banks of the lake and we quickly realized it was a smaller race than the one we did in CA.  Packet pick up was a breeze and we dropped our our stuff at the car and hung out near the race start.

IMG_2616 5

Beautiful view of Lake Travis at the park near start/finish

IMG_2617 2

Pre-race selfie with my hubby


I quickly spotted a couple people warming up who looked “fast” and the competitive part of me could not resist sizing up the field– despite my glute feeling achey and zero fast running in months.  Alan encouraged me to “race” and I said I was going to take it easy.  It was already hot and humid and I do not run short distances well.

Sticking to my plan, I took the first mile easy and noticed I was passing people on the slight uphills.  I spotted a couple of women in front of me and I realized I was gaining ground on them.  On an uphill around mile two, I passed them and that gave me the encouragement I needed to keep a steady pace.  With less than a half mile to go, I passed a teenage girl and expected to see her fly past me in the finishing stretch.

To my surprise, I held on and finished in 23:29 –much better than expected.  Checking my Garmin post-race, I was happy to see I picked up my pace as the race progressed.

I walked back on the course until I saw Alan and I ran with him to the finish line; he finished in 28:30 — great time for not having run in about 6 months!

I checked the final results after realizing there were few female runners in the finish line area.  I saw that I was first in my age group (30-39) and 4th overall female, so we decided to wait for the awards ceremony.  Thankfully we did because I won a $20 gift certificate to Rogue Running!


Posing with my medal and g.c.

I love racing and pushing myself and I was thankful my hip/glute cooperated; PT is paying off!



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