Running in TX summers

This has been our first full summer in Texas and Texas heat is no joke.   Even the mornings are much warmer and more humid than CA, so it has been an adjustment.  Gone are the days of sleeping in and going for runs after work; that is the hottest part of the day here!

How have I survived?

  • My mileage is lower than when I was running marathons and ultras.  That is predominantly due to dealing with niggles for which root causes have finally been figured out and my focusing more on getting pregnant than running long.  It means less time outside since my “long runs” are not very long.
  • Running early in the morning.  My goal is to be out the door around 6:30am (depending on distance of run) and done running before the sun is out in full force.  Last weekend I thought it was cooling down and clouds were rolling in, so I ventured outside in the late afternoon; that was a huge mistake that my bottle of ice water did not help enough with.

Cloud cover briefly — water in TX at this time of year is unheard of!


Red faced and delirious after running when heat index was in 100s!

  • Hitting the treadmill.  When we were house hunting, a requirement was space for a treadmill.  I opted for one slightly more expensive than my initial budget and it’s been worth every penny.  I have slept in a few times knowing I could get my run in later in the day indoors.  Added perk — My husband is running again!  The couple that runs together stays together!

No excuses for not running on hot days!

  • Running in a sports bra.  I have always been self-conscious of running without a shirt over it but the humidity makes me forget all that.  As long as I’m out the door early, I skip the T-shirt and avoid a sweat drenched shirt weighing me down.  I don’t know if it actually helps keep me cooler but mentally it does and it’s all that matters.
  • Staying hydrated!  Water, water, water.  It’s also important to make sure you have enough salt in your diet to balance that out.  Most people get more than enough in their diets, but if you do not eat out or eat processed foods, you may not get enough salt.

It’s going to be a hot Labor Day weekend here.  I will definitely be sticking to my survival plan for running in the heat!


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